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Real Estate Nightmare #5

As I am talking with people everyday about real estate, I hear interesting things. Real estate is the 2nd most popular topic of discussion in the GTA behind politics and before the weather.
I continue to hear frustrations from sellers about their properties not selling. I hear things like:

1) I felt obligated to use a family friend
2) They are giving me a break on commission cost
3) My place hasn’t had an offer in the almost 6 months it has been listed

These statements highlight 2 important issues – choosing your agent and commissions.

In choosing an agent, your main priority is to select one what will get you the best price for your home – period. You want an agent who will work for you, who you can call and get questions answered. I see my job as an real estate sales professional as that of educator. Let me provide you with up-to-date, non-mythical information and then let you choose.

Every home has a price range – there is no “fixed” sales price – anyone that tells you different – you need to show them the door – end of conversation.

The question a home seller needs to ask is “Will my family/friend get me the best price for my home?” “Why am I obligated to use them” if that is not the end result? You want an agent that knows the market, knows how to market and will put their marketing plan in writing for you.

A real estate company will not provide that, the agent will. If an agent starts to talk to you about the company’s history, how big they are, how many translations they complete – ask them “How does that affect getting the most money for My home?

The other sellers concern is why is my home not getting offers, not getting sold? A home doesn’t sell for two simple reasons: It is over priced or under marketed. This merges the marketing and commission conversations.

Discount brokerages and agents are just that, they offer discounts. Does the discount get you the best marketing – no. You pay, upfront, to get on MLS and on their website. Buyers frequenting these website are looking for one thing and one thing only – Bargains. Discounts = Bargains.

Real Estate Sales Representatives offering discounts on commissions, will put you on MLS and often nothing else. You get what you pay for. Working with an agent like myself, we will discuss the best marketing plan for you and the aspects that you want as part of your sales plan. The bonus is, there are no upfront costs to you the seller. You don’t pay in advance for anything. If your home doesn’t sell – you are out of pocket ZERO dollars. The discount brokerage, on the other hand, gets paid whether you sell or not.

So remember – an experienced agent knows the market, can create an individualized marketing plan and works at no cost to you until you get the price you are wanting for your home. It is up to your agent to help you figure out what that price range in. This helps you get the most money in the shortest period of time for your home.

To have further discussions about your home, its price range, marketing plans and working with an experienced agent, do call me today. 647-898-7490 or email

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