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Real Estate Nightmare #10 Bad Selling Agents

Real Estate Nightmare – When agents go bad.

This months/weeks rant goes out to all the agents that show buyers properties.

Now when I show property I am extremely concerned to not cause any disturbance to the unit I am showing.  I leave it in the condition that I find it.  I lock doors, turn off lights, leave my card, take off my shoes and whatever else the instructions that were given to me by the listing agent though my brokerage, have requested.  That is pretty clear.

Also, I respect the person’s space.  I try to avoid using the facilities if at all possible.  If I do, I make sure to flush and make sure they appear in the same condition prior to my use.  If I open curtains, blinds, shades, I make sure they are returned to their pre-inspection location.

Why, you ask, am I going into such detail?  Working with some clients, they have particular nuances that you may not discover until many weeks into the process.  When you get feedback from the client about lights being left on, you try to emphasis this through the showing comments to the buying agent.  Some client pay particular attention to where things were before and after a showing.  For instance, if someone sits on the furniture.

During a recent listing, I have had all of the following occur, even with strict instructions:  Lights left on, vertical blinds left open and patio door left unlocked.  Furniture moved and not returned to its original location, facilities used, not flushed and door closed – only to be discovered many hours later when the seller returned.  Agents not showing, calling to cancel or otherwise not meeting their time frames arranged with the listing brokerage. 

Now all of these would be avoided had an agent realized that it is a privilege to be allowed into someone else home, to view the home and inspect it for possible purchase.  You are an invited guest but behave like it is your home.  It is not? 

These experiences where with agents of all types, all experiences and many very high end brokerages.  This behaviour is inexcusable.  I think it is time to go to a rating system – as I see some agents do have ratings on Google.  If you fail to show, or do something disgusting, just wait for the review to appear.  Zero Stars is not an option but one that Google should consider, especially in the Toronto market where these behaviours appear to be rampant.

End of rant.

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