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Lawrence Park Homes for Sale

Lawrence Park Homes For Sale are a great investment.  Along with its family friendly neighbourhood, there are many activities in the GTA to enjoy and participate in.  As we move into longer days of June toward the summer solstice, festival season is upon us. Community Festivals, Pride Parade and Festivities and Luminato are all on the door step. These events brings millions of visitors to the GTA. Many are looking for homes and condos. Students are beginning their plans for university and are seeking off-campus housing opportunities. With Lawrence Park Houses for sale, families that are looking to upsize before the school year begins. This is a great time for buyers and sellers to get into the market and make those changes they have been wanting.

Several factors are effecting the markets at the moment. The uncertainty of the next Premier, the Mortgage Stress Test, Land Transfer Taxes (and possible changes), Investor Taxes (proposed by a candidate), and changes in rent control (proposed by one party). All these and more affect consumer confidence and have many waiting on the side-line. Inventory on homes has increased with Lawrence Park Homes for sale while condo inventories have decreased and rentals as well. Condo and rental pries have risen substantially this last year, while home prices settled but are showing some increase as the summer months come upon us.

Sales numbers may be down, overall, but prices are showing steady signs of improving over the slump of last year that began in July of 2017. With Lawrence Park Houses for sale, there many homes to choose from, price competition and downward pressures continue in some areas of the city.

In Lawrence Park Homes for sale, there are currently only seven (7) homes on the market in the hot and desirable neighbourhood. Their prices range from $899,000 to just under 4.5 million. Inventory has shifted substantially in this area, so now there is a limited supply for those looking to live in this upscale enclave of the city.

Neighbouring Areas

In neighbouring areas such as Hoggs Hollow houses for sale, there a nine (9) homes in this enclave.  The price point from just under 3.5 million to 6.5 million. Just north in York Mills homes for sale, the inventory is large.  There are sixty-seven homes on the market with prices ranging from just under 1.1 million to  over 13 million. The closer to  the Bridle Path neighbourhood  homes range into the 20 million dollar mark. As with all these exclusive neighbourhood, inventory affects price as do some other factors mentioned earlier.

For a complete list and line up for June festivals go to for more information.

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