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Forest Hill Toronto – Homes for Sale

Forest Hill Toronto Homes for sale

Forest Hill Toronto homes for sale are showing a steady increase in inventory and prices as the year

progresses. Encompassing parts of C02 and C03, Forest Hill Toronto homes for sale have a vast

variety of prices and accommodations. Currently there are 30 homes for sale in the area. The

price ranges are from a modest 1.325 million to 25 million for a prime lot in the area. There are

several homes above the 15 million mark in the area include one just under 24 million and one

just over 17.5 million. A great neighbourhood, with this years price increase already surpassing

those of 2017. It’s an exciting time for Forest Hill Toronto Homes For Sale.

Forest Hill, Timothy Swift, Swiftsells



Summer in Toronto

Summer is upon us and people are flocking to public beaches – Hanlan’s Point, Sugar Beach,

Cherry Beach and many others. Sunscreen abounds, beach volleyball and frolicking in Lake

Ontario and others. Cottagers are escaping the city and vacationers from abroad are

experiencing all the wonders that are Canadian.


But lest we forget, summer time calls for additional protections and cautions. Our little ones

love to play in water or swimming pools. Inevitability every year, reports of unwatched children

drowning are frequent. One of my former colleagues recently talked about looking away from

his toddler playing in the shallows, to post on instagram, only to look up to the child face down

in the water. He was rescued and is safe, but it takes just a moment for tragedy to strike.

Likewise, reports of moms or dads just “running into the store for one minute” to find children

or pets in distress in overheated automobiles, even with the windows left ajar. Tragedy can

strike before one realizes it.


Take Care of Your Pets


Pet are especially vulnerable, as they have no way to tell you that they are in distress. Leaving

a pet in a hot car, can be fatal in a very short period of time. Pets can get overheated and

dehydrated in the heat of the summer. Always taking water with you on your daily walks, is a

good practice. In my neighbourhood, there are plenty of water fountains for dogs and humans

alike. Even a ground level water fountain can provide enough cooling until one gets home and

into the A/C.

Homes without air-conditioning and having pets and/or children must be especially vigilant.

Heat stroke can happen without any warning. When one stops sweating, it is often a late sign

of heat stroke and dehydration. Getting enough water is important. Thirst may mean you are

already in need of water and/or attention.


Self-care in the Heat of the Summer


Outdoor activities, like biking and running, can be difficult in the heat and additional hydration

and rest periods may be in store. Many charity runs and bike rides occur in the summer

season. This unusually warm summer can lead to major risks of sun and heat stroke,

dehydration and emergency situations. Know the signs, exercise, caution and prevention.

The same with buying real estate. Nice transition. Often inventory is greater in the summer

and competition is less fierce, in some markets. A recent review of some prime areas in the

Greater Toronto Area, show prices and inventory on the rise. This is a great time for buyers in

the marketplace. Often not the best for sellers, except in hot areas (this year that is Hamilton,

and other points west (Milton)). As well, points East in Prince Edward County and beyond,

home prices are considered more reasonable and often close enough to the city for


Contact Timothy L Swift for more information and your list of Forest Hill Toronto Homes for Sale at this time.


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