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Davisville Village RE. March

Davisville Village is a happening place. With winter in its last gasp, the June Rowlands Park and play field will soon be full of baseball players, kids playing in the Sharon, Lois & Bram Playground musical park and more. There are a few new developments happening in the area.

The J. Davis House has broken ground after a OMB decision to leave the entrance off Belsize vs Yonge Street. There has been a huge tower proposal north of Davisville which is threatening to engulf the historic Starbucks building as well as great a huge shadow on the soon to be reconstructed Davisville school and play yard.

When will the day come that a developer actually consults with the neighbourhood before trying to shove an inappropriate sized tower complex into a neighbourhood and onto a street where the city has said there is a 10 story limit on the North side of Davisville. I know some would question why a real estate professional wouldn’t want more units to sell.

Truth be known, I live in the neighbourhood of mid-town and appreciate the neighbourhood feel. I values sunlight and open spaces, places to walk and look down the street. I value what the city planner in Vancouver did – force builders to adapt to the city’s needs and not punish residents who cannot afford to be on the waterfront or have the best views. It is time for Toronto to step up and tell developers what to do verse the developers telling the city what it will provide. I, for one am sick of tall boxy buildings.

Time for developers to actually hire architects to design something worth stopping to look at vs. another glass box with balconies, useful 4 months out of the year, stuck on for good measure.

Davisville Village real estate has both rentals, condos and a variety of single family homes. Currently there are 15 properties for sale in Davisville Village. Two of these are condo units under 800K the remainder are detached homes with a duplex thrown in for good measure.

The detached house prices range from 1,395,000 to 2,748,000. Considering that since January 1, 2018 – eighteen units have sold, the majority being condo units, Davisville Village real estate is booming.

Eighteen units have changed hands in Davisville Village since January 1. Nine condos sold, five of which went over asking price. The demand for condos in mid-town is very strong and the price increases have reflected this over the last six months. All of the detached homes that sold have also sold over asking, which means the demand continues even with the top sale price exceeding 2.6 million.

Davisville Village real estate is continuing and will continue be one of the stronger market in the GTA. Its walk score, easy access to TTC-subway, its quiet, tree-lined streets and great parks make it an ideal family neighbourhood. Those that move here, stay here. The new development proposals are destined to fail based on history and the strength of the community and its school. Davisville Village is a community to call home.

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